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Episode 94: Stepping Inside 3D Home Design Visualization with Charles Ochello of Vitruvius Design+Build

Ted speaks with Charles Ochello, owner of Vitruvius Design and Build and creator of Vius. This episode is a story about the future of the luxury custom home building industry and how technology is going to create an enormous impact on the client experience.

Ted speaks with Charles Ochello, owner of Vitruvius Design and Build and creator of Vius. He discusses his transition from being an emergency room doctor to a custom home builder, and his vision to bridge the visualization gap in the building industry. Charles shares his experience with using virtual reality technology to allow clients to visualize their finished homes and make informed decisions. Ted and Charles highlight the value of human interaction and collaboration in the design and construction process,  while his technology company continues to develop software that optimizes the luxury home building process.


  • [01:35] Emergency room doctor to home builder
  • [06:35] The transition to building and how skills carry over
  • [08:40] Teaching People to Listen and Stay Calm
  • [12:05] The Tipping Point to Become a Custom Home Builder
  • [21:05] Enhancing the Client Experience with Virtual Reality
  • [26:40] Differentiating from Other Tech Firms
  • [28:55] The Power of Human Interaction and Experience
  • [32:25] The Importance of the Human Element
  • [34:25] Collaboration in the Design and Construction Process
  • [37:30] Using Technology to Streamline Decision-Making
  • [40:53] Tech as a Tool for Augmenting the Experience
  • [49:55] Unleashing the Best Talent and Future Plans
  • [52:25] How to find Vitruvius


  • We have this visualization data, we’re working with some of the best architects, the best artists in the world, some of the best interior designers on the most incredible projects, but our clients – we haven’t given them or developed the tools that they need to see their project. And so that was really the charge was to say, how can we use visual data from our architects and show our clients? 
  • Decisions that are made early in the process are really inexpensive. Decisions late at four-way are really expensive. 
  • At the end of the day, bringing clients into our office and sitting down and talking through things and seeing real emotion and then going on site and actually talking with our craftsmen and subcontractors that we work with and talking through how we’re going to execute a detail or maybe it’s a beam connection or all of those things. Those are irreplaceable.


In an industry often viewed through the lens of tradition, Vitruvius Design+Build stands out as a beacon of technological innovation. Our innovative culture drives a tech-focused approach that is embedded in the very fabric of our design and construction processes. From AI-powered design algorithms to cutting-edge project management software, we leverage technology to elevate every aspect of your experience.The AI integration doesn’t just streamline the project management aspect; it also adds a layer of sophistication to the design process itself. This enables us to be agile and adaptive, refining designs and workflows in real-time based on data-driven insights.Our applications streamline communication and enhance efficiency, setting new standards for transparency and client engagement. These advanced solutions empower us to offer a truly unique, world-class client experience, where technology serves as the catalyst for bringing dream homes to life.


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