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Episode 91: How to Navigate the Risk & Stress of the Home Building Process with Keith Galbut

Ted speaks with Keith Galbut, founder of Advocate Residential Construction Advisors. Keith shares how his company helps families building their custom homes find savings and navigate the stressful process of building and working with so many teams. Transparency and collaboration can go a long way towards a positive custom home building experience.

Ted speaks with Keith Galbut, founder of Advocate Residential Construction Advisors. They discuss the importance of proper planning and team selection in residential construction projects, highlighting the need for alignment between the client’s objectives and the entire project team, including architects, builders, and subcontractors. Keith emphasizes the role of Advocate Residential Construction Advisors in reducing stress, managing risk, and ensuring cost-effective decision-making throughout the construction process. He also delves into the challenges and pitfalls that can arise in residential construction and the value of having an advocate to navigate these issues. Together they emphasize the importance of communication, transparency, and a collaborative approach to achieve successful outcomes in luxury custom home projects.


  • [01:04] Introduction and Background
  • [02:18] Keith’s Career & the Need for Advocate Residential Construction Advisors
  • [05:30] Expansion and Market Reach
  • [07:43] Building Relationships with Clients
  • [09:10] Common Pitfalls in Residential Construction
  • [13:00] Emotional & Financial Benefits of Working with Advocate Residential Construction Advisors
  • [15:35] The Role of Communication and Alignment in Successful Projects
  • [20:22] The Impact of Design Choices on Cost
  • [24:48] Managing Change Orders and Schedule Delays
  • [28:30] The Need for Advocate Residential Construction Advisors
  • [38:25] Ideal Clients and Fee Structure
  • [47:30] Team Growth and Success
  • [49:34] Impressive Resume and Pursuit of Problem Solving
  • [51:38] Pride in Family and Community Involvement
  • [53:14] Conclusion and Future Connection


Keith Galbut | Advocate Residential Construction Advisors


  • We don’t pick and choose favorites. That’s not our role. We advise our clients in terms of our guidance or advice, but ultimately our goal is to give the clients all the tools necessary and the information so they can make good decisions. 
  • We work to use data and analytics to also help with our projects and to help make sure that the budgeting is appropriate and to constantly be trying to improve everyone’s understanding of the project before the construction really gets going so that we can test things and make sure that the owner’s really paying what the market should be charging.
  • And a big part of that is talking truth to owners, frankly, and making sure that they’re aware of the implications of their decisions.


ADVOCATE – Residential Construction Advisors represents your interests throughout the luxury and ultra-luxury home building process. Our team offers extensive experience in all aspects of residential construction and renovation, and project management, so we can help you select the best-qualified team, clearly communicate your goals, interpret vendors’ perspectives, ensure appropriate payments and lien waivers, and manage your project every step of the way.

Our Mission: Optimize the complex luxury residential construction process to protect and advance the homeowners’ interests while realizing their vision and objectives.


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