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4 Ways to Create Your Dream Bathroom

When it comes to designing an incredible bathroom, the inspiration is endless. Despite being one of the smaller rooms in your home, a quality bathroom can have a dramatic effect on your home’s overall value.

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1. Incorporate Small Luxuries


Photo courtesy of Highland Homes

Consider what elements you could incorporate into your bathroom that would provide you with a little luxury. Perhaps it’s a seat in your shower, a freestanding tub, or built-in storage for your linens. The best bathrooms serve as a sanctuary without compromising on their functionality. Creating a space where you can relax can be as simple as replacing your light fixtures, adding window treatments, or purchasing new towels.

2. Reflect Your Favorite Style


Image courtesy of Shower Doors and More

Sticking with a monochromatic or water theme aren’t your only options, it’s okay to think outside of the box! Choose a motif that reflects where you live or one that you’re personally attracted to. Warmer colors create a welcoming and comfortable environment while cool-toned neutrals serve to establish a more modern aesthetic.

3. Know Your Surfaces


Image courtesy of Euro Natural Stone

When selecting products for your bathroom, it’s important to become familiar with the inherent qualities and differences of each material. Selecting surfaces based off of their form, function, and durability will ensure that your space is beautiful and usable. Are you dreaming of a modern, polished aesthetic or hoping for a more casual appearance? Keep in mind that shiny floors may become slippery, and while natural floors are more slip-resistant, they may be prone to collecting dirt.

4. Establish a Focal Point


Image courtesy of All Natural Stone Fabrication

Much like designing any other room in your home, creating (and establishing) a focal point is a great way to set the tone for your space. Where does your eye travel first when you enter the room? Are there any unique features that you’d like to create or emphasize? Freestanding baths or creative shower spaces can offer dramatic appeal and elevate your bathroom. However, be mindful about storage space so your bathroom won’t appear cluttered. When it comes to creating a high-end bathroom, maintaining “space” will best allow your focal point to shine.

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