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A Perfect Bathroom for the 21st Century

Your Dream Bathroom Awaits

A perfect bathroom with spa-like amenities begins with creating space. Contemporary bathroom design not only prioritizes space but also maximizes it. One way to capitalize on increasing space in this essential room is by installing floating vanities with hidden pull-out shelving, expanding your bathroom area while adding storage functionality.

The Open-Concept idea, which became popular in the ’90s with the Great Room, is also being utilized in contemporary bathroom design. White is the go-to color to achieve openness. A monochromatic scheme makes even the smallest of bathrooms appear larger. Windows providing natural light also help to open things up. Incorporating views of the outside world from your bathroom are very trendy. In a city such as Naples, views of a cityscape from the lavatory are very much en vogue. In contrast, a window open to surrounding nature in more rural areas like Whitefish is what a modern interior designer might call “rustic or farmhouse chic.”

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Moreover, we must not forget the fixtures. Marble and brass fixtures have come into vogue if you want a modern vibe. Another material choice is reclaimed and recycled materials, wildly popular in mountain homes like in Okanagan. Materials like reclaimed wood provide, as mentioned earlier, “rustic chic,” which, in homes surrounded by forest, like in Bend, creates a curious kind of blending of the outside world with the inside space.

In terms of modern shower design – going curbless provides an unbroken appearance, and a linear drain will further contribute to the seamless style. Linear drains are chic for a couple of reasons, one. They’re aesthetically pleasing, and, two, they’re unbelievably easy to clean. If cleaning is top among your concerns, large format tiles might be a good choice. A larger tile means less grout to clean.

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If your tastes are anti-tile, but you’re unsure what material to opt for, consider a lesser-known alternative – stone resin, an exceedingly excellent material choice if you live in a colder climate. Stone Resin is warmer on the feet when compared to other materials. We spend quite a bit of time in this space regardless of where we live – why not create something peaceful, gorgeous, and easy to maintain.

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