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Transcendent Style

Esther Boivin Interiors is an Award-Winning Scottsdale based design studio founded in 2010 by Principal Esther Boivin. An extensive portfolio of work includes commercial and residential projects that are as distinctive as they are functional. Adept at all aspects of the design process, our firm develops each project according to its unique needs. Unencumbered by the constraints of any one period or style, our distinctive aesthetic transcends any limiting parameters and evolves with each project and client.

Always Something New

Our work can be seen throughout upscale Arizona and distinctive projects across North America. Residential projects from the ground up, whole house renovations, kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling, boutique store design, inspiring work-spaces, restaurants, salons and spas. Inspired blends of organic materials, whimsical lighting, antiques and vintage objects, and sustainability results in imaginative spaces that are both unique and timeless.

Create the Spaces of Your Dreams

Contact us now to experience our distinctive approach. Planning, design development, renderings, sourcing and supplying furniture, fixtures and equipment, styling, décor, and exterior design.

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