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Partnership. Passion. Craftsmanship. Creativity. Discipline. Integrity.

These are just a few words clients use to describe Creative Building Solutions and its partners, Chad Grohne and Trevor Klein. Their dedication to fulfilling their client’s vision while delivering an exceptional experience throughout the process is evident from the first meeting.

Grohne and Klein each come from successful, multi-generational construction families. They grew up in the trade, doing the work with their own hands. From a tender age, they understood the proper way to swing a hammer, select the right materials, and produce a perfect finish. Part and parcel to their education was the importance of integrity and discipline for building the team of craftspeople and sub-contractors that are key to bringing a client’s vision to life.

Every town is unique with its own distinctive culture and feel. Successful residential contractors understand this and become a part of that culture. Grohne and Klein are long-time residents of Jackson Hole and have chosen to root their families and business in this special place. They know the people, and the people know them.

Those relationships are key to the collaborative approach Creative Building Solutions has mastered so well. Delivering the result each client seeks requires bringing together a diverse team of contractors, architects, designers, engineers, and craftspeople who, together, transform ideas into a cohesive reality, delivered on time and on budget. Grohne, Klein and their team know how to foster the effective communication necessary to ensure those desired outcomes.

Building and remodeling legacy homes in the high alpine environment of Jackson Hole presents distinct challenges. True to their name, Creative Building Solutions specializes in solving these challenges through innovative thinking while fulfilling their client’s vision, honoring the spirit of the mountain west, and protecting that environment for future generations.

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