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7 Outdoor Utopias That Make Us Miss Summer

The summer months have passed once again and we want to reminisce the days of soaking in the sun. Check out these stunning outdoor pools & spas across our different locations featuring some of the best outdoor designers and engineers. These Outdoor Utopias inspire us for next year’s outdoor plans and design ideas….

7 Outdoor Utopias That Make Us Miss Summer:

This space blends right in with its surroundings and creates a place of comfort and functionality with everything you could need:

  • Fireplace
  • Hot Tub
  • BBQ Bar
  • Spectacular View
Images curtesy of: Land Escapes in Bend, Oregon

The Infinity Pool style, with the Xeriscaping surrounding it, has been beautifully integrated into the native terrain. That waterfall is providing a soothing touch to this outdoor paradise.

Images curtesy of: Texture Inc. in Hawaii

Hawaii never disappoints with their sunsets. The beautiful sunset with the fire and water elements contrasting one another gives a calming atmosphere one may never want to leave.

Images curtesy of: Heike Designs in Whistler BC

We aren’t sure how they did it, but it feels like you can step into an all-natural slice of paradise all the while having the building blend right in….

If you can’t find the perfect creekside property…. Make your own! Clearwater Restoration really thought outside the box with this landscape design.

This modern design allows for easy access and a naturally beautiful view transitioning from the house to the pool.

We can’t say enough about the culmination of nature, aesthetic design, and plenty of seating to entertain all guests…

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