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4 Trending Living Room Styles

The living room may not be the “heart of the home,” but it is the primary entertaining space. For that reason, living rooms need to be the perfect combination of luxury aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. Living room styles also need to be flexible, so they can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Mixing up the room with new furnishings or décor can play on trends without having to overhaul the entire space.

These 4 trends are some of the top interior design styles for living rooms in 2019 that add that touch of luxury now and that are easy to change up down the road.


1. Eclectic Furnishing

A lot of furniture stores and designers sell entire sets of furniture, which makes a living room easy to decorate, but makes everything look and feel the same. Mixing up the style with a distinct wingback chair or another unique colored/materialled furnishing can add character. If you already have a furniture set, replace a single piece, or just add the new piece to the space. Remember to keep the room from feeling cluttered because eclectic furniture styles are popular, but a cramped room never is.


2. Feature Ceilings

A room is not just floors and walls; ceilings are just as much a part of the design. Many living room styles focus on furniture, décor and paint, while leaving a boring ceiling in place. Vaulted ceilings, unique beam designs, and painted ceilings are just a few options for adding something unique to the design that also makes the space feel bigger and more prominent. Just think, if someone walks into the room and their eyes are just looking down at the furniture, the room feels smaller, but when your eyes are drawn from floor to ceiling, and each part contributes to the style, the living room is much more captivating.


3. Statement Rugs

For the past few years, rugs have gotten more and more plain, meant to cover the floor but not contribute much aesthetic to the living room. However, there are so many unique rugs – Persian, real and faux hides, and even shag – coming back to popularity, as they contribute color and texture to the space. It is a great way to add or change up the character of a space that can also completely change the sense of luxury in an area.


4. A Touch of Nature

Green is a popular color right now, but there is no need to rely on fabrics or paint to add it to your living room. Plants can be one of the most luxurious décor items in your living spaces, depending on what you add and how you add them. For example, a living wall or living artwork is an incredibly unique feature that adds color and character while also being environmentally friendly and being a benefit to purifying the air of your home.

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