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3 Expert Design Tips You Need to Know

When it comes to interior design, there are dozens of different approaches that can be taken. That said, before you can actually get to the design part, there are some undeniable things you should consider. In fact, there are 3 tips to consider that expert designers feel most people overlook when getting started with their home’s interior design!

1. Consider bringing in a professional designer before you start the project!

– Trisha at Isabey Interiors

It is never too early to bring in an expert to help you with your interior design! Most people wait until the project is already started, or in general too late into the process. A top-notch designer makes the process of developing the perfect design for you far easier, and the later in the game you bring them in, the more time and money you likely spent getting results you did not want. If you want it done right, start by getting in touch with local designers and finding one that fits you and your needs.


2. Best not to build around some existing item you are mostly lukewarm about. Start fresh!

– Kathy at EK Reedy Interiors

It is a very common practice for designers to search through your existing décor, furnishings, and design items to help jumpstart design ideas. However, if you do not absolutely love the elements you already have, do not rely on them. Otherwise, the space may turn out great, but not great for you. When in doubt, work with your designer and find something new that you fall in love with, and start there. A fresh and completely new design may take a little longer to develop, but it is well worth the wait!

3.  Don’t “over-furnish” your home. Make a plan and buy really great pieces!

– Claire at Snake River Interiors

A room does not have to be cluttered to be over-furnished. Expert-level interior design is about finding the right balance of aesthetics, functionality, and comfort for your home, and that can only be achieved with a plan. You need a design layout that is ideal for you, but also makes anyone who walks into the room awed and inspired. That starts with a professional plan and finding the right pieces for each space, and then working with your designer to maintain that balance until the entire design is complete.

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