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4 Questions You Must Ask Your Home Builder

Curating Your Custom Dream Home the Right Way

When you are creating your dream custom home, it’s important that your build-design team has the specific expertise required for your project. No two homes are exactly alike, and home builders around the country employ a wide range of techniques and strategies to suit their clients while also retaining the relationship with their local market and demand.

Whether you are building a home in sunny Santa Fe or snow-capped Whistler, it’s important to get to know your home builder before you make your final decision. Aside from the usual questions like “how long have you been in the business?” and “can I see prior builds?” here are four questions from The Build Magazine Home Blog you should consider asking a prospective custom home builder.

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1) How Would You Describe Your Approach?

While this might seem like an open-ended question, you want your home builder to be able to fill in the blanks and lead the conversation about their skillset. A qualified, experienced home builder whether it be in Park City, Las Vegas, or Whitefish will be eager to explain their approach.

Additionally, they should be able to thoroughly explain their building processes and what you can expect. If a home builder balks at this question and gives you a generic or hastily formed answer, you may want to probe more deeply into their qualifications.

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2) Have You Built Other Homes Around this Area?

Since every municipality and development has its own standards and regulations, it’s important to find out whether a prospective home builder has worked there before. There is a lot of behind the scenes work when it comes to zoning and codes that your builder needs to be familiar with. Therefore, if they have built a home recently near yours they may already be up to speed.

A builder with experience in your or nearby developments will be able to help you make the appropriate deciscions that ensure your home has good bones and also good market value for the future.

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3) How Stringent Are Project Completion Dates?

Construction delays are common, especially for custom home projects, since sourcing high-end materials can be a lengthy and difficult process. If you’re in Hawaii it takes time to outsource materials from the mainland. If you are building your custom home in Jackson Hole you may run into rain delays, in Sun Valley snow delays, and more.

However, custom home builders should have multiple avenues and insider tips for sourcing materials, and be able to explain how they deliver that projects both promptly and efficiently. Better yet, they’ll be able to tell you what percentage of their projects are completed on time and explain what caused delays in builds that were inevitably delayed.

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4) What Industry Connections Do You Have?

To ensure you are getting the best materials on the market from the most reliable sources, it’s important that your custom home builder come prepared with industry connections. After all, they are the top industry leaders when it comes to building a home from the ground up.

Turning your dreams whether it be minuscule details or grand plans into fruition. An experienced home builder will have composed a roster of noteworthy contacts and high-end vendors they use consistently for their projects.

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Building your dream home requires a hefty investment and we aren’t just talking about money. Creating drawings, picking out finishes, and ordering intricate tile and lighting, are exciting but can also be overwhelming and turn into what feels like a chore.

That’s where our top-tier custom home builders come in with their unparallel craftsmanship and guidance. Taking the hard work out of your dream and letting you relish in the updates and ultimate luxury homes you not only long for but also undoubtedly deserve. Learn more about building your dream home on the Build Magazine blog, or check out our locations page to find top-notch custom home builders near you.

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