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Kitchen designs that last

In our age of social media and home improvement shows, trends tend to rapidly come and go. As with fashion, interior design styles now often seem to have a single-season lifespan. 

It’s interesting to learn and explore the new and upcoming trends while also taking inspiration from them where you can. But when it comes to the significant investment involved in renovating or designing a new kitchen, you want to ensure that your design decisions are ones that will stand the test of time and meet your needs for years to come. 

The Galley | MH Fine Hardware (Palm Beach, FL)
Fuse Specialty Appliances (Palm Beach, FL)

When considering your kitchen remember that is truly is the heart of you home. Think of the layout and how it will best serve your family and your families interests. Break your kitchen down into zones cooking, cleaning, food preparation, storage and casual gathering. A professional kitchen designer can be invaluable for ensuring your appliances, sink, kitchen island, pantry and other elements are optimally placed for seamless flow, and that the space can accommodate many cooks as well as the coming and going of family and friends.

Design Matters (Jackson Hole, WY)

Countertops and cabinets are the defining elements of your kitchen and represent a significant investment. Countertops are the most used space in your kitchen and one of the first thing you and your guests see upon entry. Engineered stone quartz countertops continue to be one of the most popular options for its durability, versatility and stain-resistant qualities, as well as its availability in a continually expanding range of colors and finishes. Exploring other countertop materials that are emerging include copper, stainless steel and concrete (which can be cast into various shapes to incorporate customized features and tinted in a variety of warm shades).

Southlinks Custom Cabinetry (Naples, FL)

Cabinet design is crucial for storage and aesthetic. Minimalists typically opt for illuminated open shelves which are currently popular, but may not align with your lifestyle. If you find yourself enjoying enclosed cabinets for ultimate storage solutions don’t be afraid to be create with organizational solutions to maximize the space. 

For clutter-free counters, consider investing in appliance garage cabinets with integrated outlets and charging ports. Small appliances are there when you need them, but out of sight when not in use. Cabinet drawers are often more convenient than cupboards shelves, bringing everything close to hand. Three-drawer stacks, with two larger drawers on the bottom and a smaller one up top for utensils and small items are very handy for maximizing available space.

When it comes to kitchen colors, all-white cabinets are ceding ground to muted earth tones, natural wood, rich colors and stone wall surfaces to create texture, warmth and a connection to the natural world. 

Interiors by Popov (Seattle | Bellevue, WA)
Rocky Mountain Hardware (Big Sky, MT)

Whatever style you choose, dont be afraid to bend the rules to appeal to your defined style to bring a solid foundation to your kitchen. You can always incorporate current trends intricately in your kitchen through Introducing contrasting elements, mixing metals, showcasing specific areas with darker or richer colors, and playing with fixtures and lighting will all create an environment thats uniquely tailored to your individual style. 

By Lynn Sully & Ward Stendahl

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