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There are many reasons to consider renovating your home rather than going through the painstaking and time consuming process of  buying or even building a new home. If you’ve found yourself weighing your options and making a pro and cons list here’s a few more pros to add to your home renovation list!

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Sentimental Memories

If you’ve lived in your home for several years it’s sure to hold it’s fair share of memories for you. Whether it’s a home that you’ve watched your children grow up in, a home you’ve held lavish gatherings in, or even a home that you’ve been able to feel you’re most vulnerable in and relish in after a long days work. It can be hard to close the door on a home that holds so much sentiment.

Idyllic Neighborhood

If you love your neighborhood for its amenities, schools, cafes, friendly people and general proximity to the activities that are important to you, count yourself lucky. Youve already found the community you love and know and staying put is the best choice for you and your family. 

Photo Courtesy of Korch Media | Beyond Beige (Okanagan, BC)
The Bones Are Good

Maybe you love the position of your home on its lot and the size and location of its rooms. Or your condo has an incredible view you cant find anywhere else. These are important considerations. Choosing to renovate allows you to retain the qualities of your home that you love while introducing new elements that better reflect your lifestyle and aesthetic vision. 

Couloir Construction (Jackson Hole, WY)
Financial Repercussions

Buying or building a new home is costly and usually more expensive than preparing and executing a renovation. During a renovation you can allocate funds to interior designers who can hand pick high end finishes, custom builders who can maximize your square footage and utilize your homes functionality, and a team of other talented craftsman united in the common goal to transform your vision into realities.

Photo Courtesy of Charla Photography | All Natural Stone Fabrication (Hawaii)
Environmental Factors

Its more environmentally sustainable to renovate than build from the ground up. The embodied carbon in building materials – as well as emissions connected to demolition and waste removal – have considerable impact. When renovating, you can often find ways to reuse materials, and fewer materials are generally used than when building a new home. You can also lower your environmental impact by ensuring your renovation includes efficient heating and cooling systems, efficient windows with proper shading solutions, and passive design features.

Enhance Equity

A renovation is a great way to see new potential and increase the value of your home. Even doing small renovation projects over a period of time can significantly add to the equity of your home. It’s a great proactive step to take should you decide to move at a future date. If youre wondering how to maximize your renovation dollars, start with the kitchen, followed by bathrooms, decks or patios, and finally basements.

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Renovations arent always easier or faster than building a new home, particularly if you are upgrading mechanical systems or you need to move out for several months while the work is being completed. But if you have core memories rooted in your home or you love your community as well as other aspects of your existing home, a renovation may be the perfect solution. If you’re venturing into the world of home renovations, consult with our design-build team comprised of artisan custom home builders, renowned interior designers, and more in several regions to best serve you and transform your existing space into your own oasis.

By Lynn Sully & Ward Stendahl
Revised for website by Emily Aureli

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