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Dial In Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Keeping the Details in Mind within the Big Picture

Curb appeal. It’s the difference between a house you walk by without noticing and one that draws your eye and stands out from its neighbors. Houses with curb appeal typically have a unified and balanced design aesthetic, where all elements – materials, design, lighting and landscaping – have been carefully chosen and artfully integrated to create a harmonious whole.

The “wow factor” of a traditional arts and crafts house comes with its choice of exterior colors, gable roof, decorative half-timbering, and English country garden landscaping, while a modern home will incorporate mono-hued color schemes, a limited number of materials, and simple and clean lines. In both cases, it’s the home’s unified sense of style no matter your region whether it be Whitefish, Naples, or Las Vegas that stands out.

Weathershield Windows & DoorsPark City, UT
KH Webb ArchitectsAspen l Vail, CO

Landscaping is an essential component when setting out to create curb appeal. You’ll want to work with a landscape designers or master gardeners to identify visual interest year-round. Abundant color in the peak growing season can be balanced be evolving shades of green throughout the year.

Alair | Old NaplesNaples, FL
Parthenon PlaceWest Vancouver.Tyler Schmidt Architect.docket 2652
Everwood DoorsOkanagan, BC
Lawrence HomesLas Vegas, NV
DesignScapesPark City, UT

Landscape designers can also help you with other aspects of your property – from the materials and proportions of your walkways and driveway to the design of architectural features and lighting that can dramatically illuminate your yard and house. Upgrading your gates and fences is a relatively easy way to add visual flair.

Your choices will likely be influenced by both aesthetic and functional requirements, such as keeping pets from wandering or creating privacy for your ground floor living spaces. Keep in mind that while the big-picture design elements are important, so are the details. Are the numbers that identify your address consistent with your house’s design? How about your front door hardware and mailbox?

True North BuildersScottsdale, AZ
Woodstyle HomesOkanagan, BC

Enhancing your home’s curb appeal doesn’t necessarily mean embarking on a major overhaul. Often, it’s simply a case of stepping back to see where small changes might have a big impact. But doing it right is worth it: enhancing your property’s curb appeal creates a welcoming and inviting impression and instantly reveals the pride you take in your home and community.

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