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Episode 30: Alair Homes Chief Communication Officer, Adam McCaa

Today Ted speaks with Adam McCaa, an internationally known business growth expert, serial entrepreneur, business coach, consultant, corporate trainer and keynote public speaker with over 20 years experience. He is currently the Chief Communication Officer at Alair Homes.

Adam reflects on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity he had to learn the ins-and-outs of business and leadership directly under the tutelage of both sales and marketing guru Chet Holmes and performance coach Tony Robbins.

After Chet and Tony’s merger in 2010, Adam began working with the Business Mastery Breakthroughs program where he was able to rub shoulders with entrepreneurs across the globe spanning over a hundred different industries.

Alair’s mission is to help their customers solve the issue of, “How can we help you live in a better, more productive, less challenging environment?” Adam believes that the answer lies in collaboration.

To this end, Alair runs on a franchise model—a rarity in the homebuilding space. He takes pridein the group’s initiative to build a group of like-minded people, nurturing a community of top performers in the industry that is able to achieve more together than individually.

Topics Discussed

  • [03:55] Learning from Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins
  • [12:56] How different industries find success
  • [19:29] Traits of a great business leader
  • [28:11] Alair’s unique franchise model
  • [37:35] Alair’s mission
  • [40:58] The future of Alair
  • [49:49] What Adam thinks of his current role at Alair
  • [1:05:16] What Adam is most proud of


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Key Quotes from Episode

  • Every business improves through more sales. If we have more money coming in—assuming we can keep our costs down—that’s how we make a profit.
  • If you want to change a business, you’ve got to change the business owner. If you can change the way somebody thinks and give them skill sets and empower them, they’re going to change their business.
  • Contractors who come to Alair come here to be part of a network. There’s no way you can accomplish independently what you can accomplish with a group of like-minded folks.
  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast.


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