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No where including the mainland, is the custom home design for outdoor living more popular than in Hawaii. The allure of the Pacific Blue waters, plentiful sunshine and white, sandy beaches beckons bringing the outdoors in.

Pacific Isle Homes has been perfecting this lifestyle for upscale functional outdoor spaces for years. Having started in a family-owned commercial construction business, Micheal O’Toole, president, had always been drawn to home building from his creative perspective toward construction. Hence the company’s founding 22 years ago.

“For me, building a home is such personal process of creating a piece of art with form and functionality. My passion is collaborating with homeowners to bring life to a home that is a unique artistic expression of their lifestyle and taste.”

The featured home in Puako Bay epitomizes the outdoor/indoor living tradition with unique design elements. The entire home is a 7,532 square foot marvel of an island retreat that most people dream about for resort-style living.

Upon stepping foot in the front yard, the design sensations begin. A reflection pond welcomes guests with a water feature that meanders through the large indoor/outdoor living space offering expansive views of the crystal-blue Pacific Ocean. The water runs through to the backyard emptying into an elevated infinity pool with a sheer descent into a swimming pool. Also located in the indoor/outdoor lanai is the enormous living wall, spanning 20 feet tall by 10 feet wide with tropical greenery native to Hawaii.

The house is oriented so that the four bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms also capture expansive ocean views. All the spa-like bathrooms have outside showers; in addition the upstairs’ baths feature sleek, free-standing bathing bowls.

To soften the sleek architectural design, a detailed integration of hardwood walls in African Mahogany, span the home’s interior and exterior. Of particular appeal is the indoor/outdoor living room’s wooden ceiling in Sinker Wood, milled from 100-year old cypress trees found in Florida’s rivers and waters. “The application of wood in the home’s interior and exterior plus the living wall are key design features that further complement the indoor/outdoor appeal appreciated by those owning the home here.”

Mike’s keen interest in an artistic approach to highlight home design fuels his signature concept of using local and some of nature’s finest wonders found on the Big Island. For this home, the manufactured-wood flooring comes from the local Ohi’a tree and is produced here. The exterior black Basalt rock wall is produced from the lava rock abundant on the Big Island.

With nature’s best aligned here, living in Hawaii is unique. Pacific Isle Homes will seamlessly blend functional living with natural wonders for a custom home life found only on the Big Island.

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