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Neil and Suzette Felder had been searching for the perfect oceanfront lot for some time, and when one came up for sale on beautiful Keawakapu Beach, they knew instantly this was the one! The Felders’ primary goals for their new home were that their dream home would be unique yet not block ocean views from the street. With that in mind, they contacted Marc Taron, AIA, with Arquitectura, LLC, whose award-winning designs are well known for seamlessly blending interior and exterior visions.

Marc’s first concept, while creative and unique, did not quite resonate with Neil, and that’s when he thought of the “wave”–a perfect vision to incorporate into the home’s primary design, given its location and context.

The multiple curved roofs represent a series of waves on the exterior and interior with the large, tapered arching glulam beams that remain exposed. On the ocean side, there’s a two-story arch that is not only sculptural but functional and structural as it provides shade to the bedroom below and supports the long curved cantilevered lanai.

Taron incorporated two-story glass walls that rise from the ground to preserve the ocean views from the street but terminate at the curved wave roof. So the ocean didn’t completely steal the show, Taron designed an entry sequence from the street that is equally spectacular. Once thru the wave entry gate at the road, one descends travertine steps and crosses a reflecting pool on elevated step-stones, surrounded by a cascading waterfall, all the while looking through the house at the Pacific Ocean. Serendipitously, with so many sculptural elements, you see something different every time you look at the house. The Felder’s got their wish- something very different while incorporating an ocean view from the street, and they couldn’t be happier.


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