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The Ultimate Modern Mountain Retreat

This breathtaking mountain retreat located in Park City, Utah showcases contemporary inspiration and rustic touches as a nod to the surrounding scenery.

The exterior facade features a blend of clean lines and rustic wood. The modern design of the property creates a visual contrast against the ruggedness of the home’s surroundings.

Jaffa Group selected more rustic elements such as wood and stone to offset the clean, contemporary style. The effect allows the home to seem to unfold from the surrounding scenery and blends the outdoors with the interior space.

The wooden and stone elements from the front of the home overflow into the living and dining space. Pops of color stand out against the neutral color palette of the home.

The relaxed indoor-outdoor lifestyle of the home allows for entertaining guests to be simplified. Blending the lines between interior and exterior allow the expansive views and fresh mountain air to remain both integrated and accessible at all times.

The heavy use of wood and stone finishings mimics the ruggedness of the home’s surroundings while contemporary light fixtures and furniture infuses a modern aesthetic.

Bright walls allow the home to seem open and well-lit throughout.

The designer borrows the same stone seen in more public areas of the home and allows it to resurface as the foundation for an intimate fireplace found in the master bedroom. Furniture selections allow for small pops of color to add visual interest to the sleek, neutral aesthetic. Floor to ceiling windows encourage further integration between indoor and outdoor space.

The master bathroom features a color palette of bright greys and whites to provide a contrast against other areas of the home and take advantage of the natural lighting. The different patterns and uses of the stone create a result in the space that is incredibly modern. The trendy design adds interest against traditional nods found in other areas of the home.

The stone flooring of the bathroom further integrate the outdoors into the home’s interior design. The floor to ceiling windows allow for scenic views to be enjoyed from the stand alone tub. Neutral colors and sleek lines allow for the focus to be on what’s outside.

This modern mountain retreat reflects an effortless flow between indoor and outdoor space. The contemporary-rustic aesthetic meshes beautifully with the surrounding scenery. Each detail was executed thoughtfully to create an artistic result that symbolizes the mountain lifestyle that many homeowners yearn for.

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