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The Latest Kitchen Trends in Naples, FL

Commissary Commentary the Latest Kitchen Trends

Naples kitchen design trends are rooted in East Coast home design, meant to withstand time and the elements. The Hampton-chic look, in combination with coastal modern style, incorporating quality materials with custom design influences, is trending in Naples.

Alexa Warner of Fuse Specialty Appliances explains and emphasizes the desire for customizable kitchens in Naples, Florida.

Everyone in South Florida lives differently and wants to customize their kitchen to fit their lifestyle. Our custom Sub-Zero refrigerator columns allow the homeowners to select size and style based on their needs and usage.  ~ Alexa Warner

Fuse Specialty AppliancesNaples, FL


Though homeowners once sought to hide all kitchen items, displaying cookware accoutrement is now an art. Exposed cupboards and open shelves make a gallery-style backdrop for glassware, shiny cookware, and colorful utensils– all part of the farm-chic renaissance. Shaker-style cabinetry lends itself beautifully to this look. Its appeal stems from the details– clean lines and simple, sturdy knobs and handles.

Molly Hoover Design GroupNaples, FL
Ruffino CabinetryNaples, FL
Lovetto DesignNaples, FL
Renee Gaddis
Renee GaddisNaples, FL

Quality Materials

Light-colored or dark-hued, there is a vast array of natural and engineered stone cladding which pops when highlighted by white in the rest of the room. Add a custom island top or side table with matching masonry for true luxe. Metallics in sinks, backsplashes and cupboard finishes are replacing cold, hard edges. Nothing says kitchen glam like warm luminous metals. Handles and faucets in matte bronze or shiny copper, silver, gold or rose gold are always trend cycling. Even mixing metals is now a popular aesthetic.

Versatile floor or wall tiles give the option of curved or softer lines, and often mix materials such as glass, metal and natural stone as well as rare materials such as mother of pearl, moonstone and more. For a final touch, add embellishments like Moroccan-style, mirrored mosaic tiling or wallpaper.

SoHo Kitchens & DesignNaples, FL

The mindful sourcing of materials can feel as good as a space looks. Energy efficient appliances like toasters, fridges and ranges are suddenly sporting 1950s glamour, right out of the box. Homeowners are flocking to pastel hues such as mints, lemon yellows and Robin egg blues. Reclaimed and repurposed materials, such as old barn wood or recovered brick support a low-waste way to recycle existing elements.

Thomas Riley Artisans’ GuildNaples, FL

Color Palette

For cabinetry and islands, pickled finishes are popular, which desaturate or wash-out a color. Visibility of the woodgrain is downplayed. Using creamy white as a base color is a hallmark of the elegant beach bungalow look, but a monochromatic black-and-white combination is also timeless. Colors are enriched or softened by the finish of the paint; glossy adds pop, matte subdues it.

Waterside Builders Inc.Naples, FL

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