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Luxury Home Hurricane Restoration

If you live in a coastal locale, hurricane season is upon us—and it poses unique challenges, especially for luxury homeowners. Any damage caused by these intense storms may require repair using high-end materials and intricate architectural features, or have an impact on your valuable possessions. 

From coordinating skilled professionals to implementing cutting-edge technologies, precision and attention to detail are of the utmost importance when restoring exquisite properties to their original glory. 

Learn more about what to do after storm damage, as well as the right resources to help get your cherished property back in pristine condition. With the proper hurricane-resilient features in place ahead of time and the right partners, you can rebuild smarter for the future.

The Importance of Hurricane Proofing

It’s crucial to hurricane-proof before disaster strikes. Some key initial steps include:

  • Installing impact-resistant windows that can withstand flying debris
  • Reinforcing roof connections so the roof stays intact
  • Trimming trees around the property to avoid damage from falling branches
  • Introducing flood-proofing measures like elevating utilities and using water-resistant building materials

When a hurricane does hit, you’ll need to coordinate skilled professionals like architects, engineers, and contractors to properly repair and rebuild. They can implement cutting-edge resilient technologies and materials to restore your home to its original elegant glory. Precision and attention to detail are paramount when dealing with luxury homes and high-end finishes.

Types of Hurricane Damage

Natural disasters like hurricanes can have catastrophic consequences for homeowners. These severe storms can last for days and often cause several types of damage to homes, including:

  • Flood damage
  • Wind damage
  • Fire damage
  • Electrical or plumbing damage
  • Water damage or mold growth
  • Structural damage
  • Loss of property & personal items

Once you return to your home after a storm, the first step should always be to thoroughly document all damage. Take pictures and keep detailed lists of any issues or missing items. This allows your insurance company to assess the extent of the damage and help you process your claim as fast as possible.

Before You Begin The Hurricane Restoration Process

Once your insurance claims have been submitted, you can begin the process of restoring any hurricane-related damage. Because luxury homes often have more specialized finishes and technology, it’s vital to follow the correct process to ensure the premier quality is restored properly.

Many luxury homes also have extensive landscaping, outdoor pools, and other decorative elements across the property. Finding a contractor who can match the existing exterior details, like banisters, trim, and patio stones, is vital to returning high-end homes to their original splendor. 

Hurricane restoration on a Florida beach.

Enlist Specialized Home Repair Professionals

The type of professionals you hire to restore your home will depend on the type of damage. For example, if you notice mold due to water damage, you’ll want to hire a certified mold company to ensure your home is mold-free before other renovations begin. Some general contracting companies can handle all aspects of hurricane restoration to make your life simpler. For repairs they cannot oversee, they often contract out specialized work to third parties as needed, so you always have only one point of contact.

Restoring Your Home

Hurricane restoration can be a time-consuming and painstaking process. But by tackling the project one step at a time and enlisting the support of seasoned contractors with experience in this area, you can beautifully restore your home.

Exterior Repairs

Hurricanes often cause damage throughout the exterior of your home. From structural damage to walls and windows to roof damage to destroyed landscaping, these repairs are vital to not only the structural stability of your home but also its habitability, so they should take top priority. 

Luxury homes in oceanfront destinations like Florida often have extensive outdoor or semi-outdoor entertaining areas that allow homeowners to enjoy the scenery and take in the beauty of their surroundings. But during hurricane season, this can also result in extensive damage. In the wake of a hurricane, kitchen equipment like appliances are often damaged beyond repair and, unfortunately, may need to be completely replaced. Additionally, the doors, windows, and shutters that separate these spaces from the neighboring ground floor typically need to be replaced as well.

To ensure the home is rebuilt to its original splendor, contractors must carefully match outdoor finishes and design elements so they seamlessly blend in with existing, non-damaged pieces. Custom finishes like stucco and decorative details like trim or stone should be customized to match the existing materials that survived the storm. This helps maintain the high-end, luxurious original look of the home and restores curb appeal.

Landscaping must also be carefully restored to match the home’s original aesthetic. Salvaging any larger plants, like palm trees, is sometimes possible, while smaller plants often need to be repurchased and planted anew. Certain species, like southern magnolias, bald cypress, and sabal palm are considered especially durable and smart options for hurricane-prone regions. If they weren’t already included in your landscaping, consider replacing damaged plants with these sturdier alternatives to prevent future damage. 

Interior Repairs

While the exterior of the home sometimes takes the brunt of the damage during a severe storm, the interior often needs extensive hurricane restoration as well—especially on lower levels susceptible to flooding. 

Hurricane restoration occurring on a luxury property in Florida after Hurricane Ian.

Electrical panels are often located in the garage or on the ground floor, which can lead to severe water damage. Similarly, in luxury homes with elevators, any elevator equipment on the ground floor often needs to be replaced as well when flooding is severe. Though only the controls are located in the basement, electrical and elevator outages can have cascading impacts throughout the home and prevent habitability until professionals have properly restored all damage. 

Water and wind can also strip away interior aesthetic finishes like stucco, paint, or wallpaper, and these finishes must be expertly matched to the existing interior. Like with the exterior, trim, banisters, staircases, and other finishing details can become structurally compromised or sustain water damage. Expert contractors and those experienced in home hurricane restoration will source replacements or customize the proper pieces needed to repair lingering damage and make your home look good as new.

Hurricane season can be a stressful time for luxury homeowners. But preparing in advance and understanding the steps to take if damage occurs ensures you have the right professionals at hand to repair high-end materials, customize architectural features, and get compensated for the loss of valuable possessions. 

Hannah Warne is a copywriter and journalist who loves bringing brands to life. With a background working for both global brands like Tiffany & Co. and Groupon and local businesses, Hannah loves to find the perfect words to tell the best story. Based in New York City, she loves to explore the city’s different neighborhoods by way of new restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries.


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