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Interior Design Trends that are Ever Evolving

Design Trends that Transcend

Interior design is always evolving, inspired by innovation and creativity. For many years, all white minimalism has dominated the industry due to its clean and elevated look. Light woods, marble and quartz stones, and clean lines were very common.

Together, they created bright and airy spaces. This style became popular because of its simplicity and accessibility while creating a feeling of luxury. It is common to see trends come and go, but in 2022 we have seen a drastic change in the overall style of interiors.

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Due to the pandemic, people began to spend most of their time inside. Our homes were more than just a place to come back to at the end of the day; but also served as gyms, offices, and classrooms. People have realized the importance of functionality and comfort when it comes to interior design, and the industry responded in an exciting way.

Society has realized how much our environments affect us. So, new design trends are beginning to take cues from nature. Instead of opting for an all-white look, people are gravitating toward a variety of tones such as chocolate browns, warm beiges, deep greens, and rich blues. As well, raw materials are gaining popularity in an attempt to bring some of the outdoors, inside.

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This includes natural stones, warm woods, wools, clays, ceramics, and brushed metals. People are also moving away from sharp angles. Instead, they are incorporating organic forms from archways to curvy furniture pieces.

These natural shapes mimic those seen in nature and add individuality to a room. Designers are also focusing on the layering of textures, and adding greenery, to make a space feel cozier. These new trends are producing calming and natural-looking homes.

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In addition to the visual benefits that these trends have, incorporating natural materials and forms have a magnitude of physical and mental health benefits. Colors, textures, and forms that mimic things seen in nature, is said to improve productivity as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

Another benefit of using natural materials, is that it is more sustainable and increases the longevity of the design. 

With people spending more time in their homes now, they have realized it is important to invest in their space by creating something that looks and feels good.

Overall, these new trends are an exciting change within the industry. People are thinking about the importance of the interior design of their homes and how it can positively impact their physical and mental health.

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