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Indoor Multi-Sports Simulators

The fun (& games) never stop!

Want to improve upon your favorite sports passion, but it’s the middle of a snowy winter? Installing an indoor sports simulator in your new home or renovation can provide year-round fun, improve your skills and immerse you (& your friends) in legendary venues like Pebble Beach or Wimbledon. Sounds fun, so where do you start?

The first step is to contact a home automation specialist who will guide you step-by-step in creating the perfect indoor simulator room. Home automation specialists will create a room with high-end finishes that will look as beautiful as the rest of your new home or renovation. Once your room’s purpose is finalized, essential details, such as electrical, lighting, and lounge area, can be specified and planned in conjunction with your building team.

The first question is always, “What size room do I need?” Todd Astill, President of Nerve in Park City, UT, responds, “The minimum size for a Sports Simulator room is a 16′ by 16′ with a 9′ ceiling.” He continues, ” This is a minimum size and depending on including desired additional amenities, the room size will increase.”

Would you like to add a lounge with comfy chairs and a couch for cheering on your friends or family, creating a stadium-like atmosphere with surround-sound speakers and subwoofer? Consider installing a beverage fridge, countertops, sink, and a sports equipment storage locker to round out additional convenience and experience for your guests. 

What sports need to be included in the system? A simulator package includes up to 40 different sports, so you must determine which ones are most important. While golf simulation dominates the product market, many options include baseball, cricket, hockey, tennis and more!

What about the simulator equipment to make it all work? Equipment will vary based on the desired features and the needs of the homeowner – projector, screen size, advanced gaming computer, hi-speed camera(s), launch monitor & multi-sport sensors and more! Don’t forget your sports equipment!

What about power? Your home automation specialist will address your room’s low-voltage, power and equipment needs in consultation with your builder and electrician to create a space that WOWS your friends and family!

Invite your friends and family to “visit” iconic sports landmarks right in your home. Get ready for the cheers, laughter and boos while playing a new or familiar sport. Unfavorable weather conditions no longer hinder your training or play. Time to put on your game face!

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