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Elevating the Design Build Process Through Collaborative AI Software

Transforming your vision into the reality of your dream home is an exhilarating journey, spanning years of meticulous planning and construction. Each moment spent with your dedicated construction team is aimed at crafting a space that reflects your unique vision. But as you settle into your new home, what lies ahead?

The initial flurry of activity revolves around personalizing the space – arranging furniture, fine-tuning decor selections, and ensuring every corner, from the heartwarming kitchen or cozy outdoor living space, resonates with your individual style.

Fast forward a few years, and your home has become a witness to the rhythm of life. The carpets bear the imprints of children and pets, while even the sturdiest appliances begin to lose their once-effortless efficiency.

It’s at this juncture that many homeowners realize they may not know their home as intimately as they thought. Despite the hours spent deliberating on design and selections via emails and phone calls, the ability to recall every detail diminishes, leaving the house to suffer the consequences. Over time, priorities shift, and the sense of urgency or even remembering what needs maintenance fades.

Navigating the complexities of a custom build is akin to orchestrating a symphony of moving parts. Introducing additional layers of complexity can be daunting, often leading home builders to settle for communication processes that fall short, particularly regarding the post-closing warranty experience. This often results in homeowners being left with sporadic and incomplete information once they settle into their homes.

Introducing a Revolutionized Homeowner Experience

Enter Digs, a consumer-centric software solution designed to elevate existing build processes by centralizing collaboration onto one platform. Digs‘ intuitive interface simplifies communication and decision-making by seamlessly integrating familiar channels such as email or Dropbox. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Digs not only comprehends but also organizes project communications, decisions, and information, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and establishing itself as the definitive source of truth.

The benefits extend far beyond the construction site, offering a substantial return on investment for home builders. Digs saves invaluable time and resources spent searching for information and facilitates better communication and client onboarding, ensuring everyone remains up-to-date with clients’ evolving needs.

However, the ultimate beneficiaries are the homeowners themselves. With Digs, they enjoy an unparalleled customer experience characterized by transparent and open communication. Moreover, Digs ensures a seamless transfer of home data, empowering homeowners with the knowledge they need to fully understand and maintain the value of their investment.

Features like AskDigs, an AI-powered personal home assistant, can provide immediate and accurate answers to queries about your home, from the type of grout used in your backsplash to when your HVAC system needs maintenance. The level of understanding unlocked by DigsAI heralds a future home buying experience akin to what Carfax has achieved in the automotive industry – where every home comes with a guarantee of proper care, safeguarding the investment throughout its lifespan.

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Digs began when co-founder Ryan Fink, an accomplished AI expert, built his own family home. In collaboration with Ty Frackiewicz, a former builder and technology leader, they discovered the construction industry hadn’t evolved past the same pen-and-paper methods from when Ty was a builder 15 years ago – resulting in wasted time and money. They aim to revolutionize collaboration in construction by leveraging artificial intelligence to make the organization and sharing of information easier, naturally resulting in exceptional customer experiences.


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