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Maximize Your Space with Creative Multipurpose Room Design

It is easy to get trapped into thinking about your home’s design in a 1:1 manner. In other words, getting stuck on the idea that each “need” needs its own space, and before you know it, your home is unnecessarily large and dysfunctional. Luxury includes a sense of function and flow and purpose for a home, and sometimes, that means less is more.

That is where dual-purpose spaces become the core of luxury design. They add twice the value with half the footprint, and also provide more functionality to every part of your home. Nothing showcases this better than this space, shared with us by Norman Building & Design out of Bend, Oregon.

Media Wall / Murphy Bed

The Media Room/Guest Suite


There are numerous spaces that are considered luxury or high-end due to the fact that they extend beyond need, and exist solely for the purpose of adding value and functionality to a home. Media room and guest suites are great examples.

To dedicate space for both of these would require quite a large footprint on a home, something that might not be possible or wanted. So instead, imagine creating a dual-purpose space that merges both. Norman accomplished this successfully by planning ahead with the footprint and layout of the room, and then utilizing furnishings that are ideal for a dual-purpose space.

Regarding the layout, Norman made sure to include a personal bath, which is ideal for both spaces. They also provide plenty of room to accommodate seating when it used as a media room, and for sleeping when used as a guest suite. Large-scale windows and access to the patio also made the space feel like it could evolve to serve other functions as well.

Media Wall / Murphy Bed
Media Wall / Murphy Bed

Regarding versatile furnishings, Norman made use of a custom murphy bed, mounted with a big-screen television. When the bed is closed, the room is completely open with numerous seating options to watch movies, play videogames, or just catch up on television. When the bed is open, a bed large enough to sleep two people is in place.

Media Wall / Murphy Bed

Norman even went as far as to consider other options to make the space multi-purpose. Instead of a murphy bed, they also considered a sleeper couch, which would provide even more seating, and also allow the television to be located in more places.

Media Wall / Murphy Bed

This is just one example of the many spaces that can become dual- or multi-purpose: media room/bar, office/guest suite, laundry room/office, dining/wine room, etc! Think about what spaces you want in your luxury home, and see if you can get the value you want without having to dedicate additional rooms or space.


About Contributing Partner: Norman Building & Design – Bend, OR
With a team of more than 20 gifted artisans and craftsmen, our combined experience at Norman Building & Design spans centuries. Unlike most builders who out source the majority of products and services associated with “custom” home building, our in-house team provides every service to our clients, from house plans and interior design to fine cabinet and furniture making. Not only does this make the building process more convenient and enjoyable for our clients, but it also enables us to apply the highest standards of quality and service — our own.

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