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European Sensibilities Meets Modern Design in 2020

The Whiterock Project: European Sensibilities Meet Modern Design

Susan Collins, principal at SMC Interior Design, has created a lovely energizing space for a couple ready to downsize after living in several large homes. The couple had hired SMC Interior Design for two new builds and two renovations, over the last 25 years. A partnership of this kind is one to be cherished and Susan and her team were the obvious choice for this endeavor.

The couple’s main goal for The Whiterock Project, was to maximize space and find ways to live with less clutter. The couple has two different styles, one preferring European design sensibilities while the other likes a clean modern look. This project is a seamless blend of both styles.

Each room in the home serves a dual purpose. The light-filled office with glass counters is a reading room and sewing room. Built-in cabinets in the kitchen, office, and bedroom help keep spaces organized. The spa-like bathroom has a large glass shower with a custom half-round stone bench finished in tiny shimmering copper, and smoked-orange tile and a matching full-height cabinet painted smoked orange with glass shelves and large drawers .

With a strong emphasis on staying healthy in these times, installing surfaces like Caesarstone, quartz and glass are both easy to clean and anti-microbial. Frosted glass door inserts in the kitchen hide clutter for a streamlined look.


Given our current political and social climate, and environmental concerns, Susan has seen an emerging trend in Interior Design in 2020. Clients are seeking and desiring spaces that provide the following:

  • A sanctuary for physical and emotional safety and comfort
  • Wellness + self-care
  • Simple ways to stay organized
  • A connection to nature
  • Sustainability and lower waste production
  • A celebration of color, shapes, and environment

This unique retreat extends into the outdoor living space. The patio off is a sunny, playful space with rattan furniture and a natural indoor outdoor rug. The seating and planting area are visually connected to the bedroom. SMC Interior Design has created a cohesive retreat for this Vancouver couple, The Whiterock Project.


Bring These Design Trends To Life In Your Home

There are many ways you can bring these trends into your own home in order to stay healthy, more organized, while respecting our environment.

Consider touchless faucets and toilets to minimize touchpoints. Indoor air quality is another hot topic for the conscientious homeowner, breath deeply with state-of-the-art air-purifiers. Choose multi-purpose furniture with built-in storage, like an ottoman, coffee table, or Murphy bed.

At home gyms have also regained popularity as we spend much more time inside. Additionally, the growing trend of the home-office shows no sign of slowing. Keep your spine and body healthy with ergonomic desks and chairs.

Select textiles that invoke a tactile experience, such natural fibers, boucle, corduroy, or animal skin. Ikat, floral, or architectural and geometric motifs are energizing patterns. Add a playful pop with shiny metals like copper and steel.


LED lighting, sustainable and natural products, up-cycled furniture, and antiques are warm and inviting selections that leave less of a carbon-footprint.
Create your sanctuary by choosing original artwork and pottery over mass-produced items. Consider incorporating treasured heirlooms and globally-influenced pieces.


We will continue to spend more time in our homes so elevating our spaces with natural products without sacrificing an elegant aesthetic and luxury is where the team at SMC Interior Design can assist.

We create luxury, but we make the process simple for you.

About Our Partner: SMC Interior Design

SMC Interior Design is a North Vancouver based, full-service interior design firm. For over 25 years we have been designing homes and vacation properties for homeowners, builders and architects in Vancouver, Whistler, the Okanagan, Gulf Islands, Hawaii, Washington, and Arizona.


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