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Build to Stand the Test of Time

There is no standard definition for what makes a home a luxury home, but there is one thing that all luxury homes have in common: they are built to stand the test of time. This is a little-known concept by which all high-end builders abide. In short, it means working with the architect, engineer and or designer to create a home that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meets every vital need you, the future homeowner, has immediately and down the road.

In order for that very lofty goal to be achieved there are 4 things your builder needs:

1. A Top Notch Team

A home requires a lot of expertise to make, starting with drawing up architectural plans all the way to completing the finishing touches. Builders manage the actual “bringing the dream to life” part of it, but also the coordination of every other component. Without a top-notch builder, accompanied by the best home pros working in tandem, the project won’t take off, let alone turn into the luxury home you want.

2. A Thorough Plan of Action

Once you have the team in place, then comes the actual start of building a home to stand the test of time. That starts with a plan of action to approach the process of building the home. Set up forms of communication between everyone, have contingencies in place to handle impromptu decisions, and define a thorough schedule for each part of the project, to ensure everything stays on track.

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3. Strong Communication

Each pro has their own part to play, but all of the major decisions should be a collaboration. The only way to make the plan of action really work is to have everyone working together, and that includes you. Even if you are working with a full-service firm, you need to be a part of the process to ensure your wants and needs are always in the forefront.

4. Honesty

Your wants and needs are the entire purpose of the home. There wouldn’t be a reason for a team, action plan or communication if you were not in the market for a home, and that means, in order for that home to stand the test of time, it needs to be 100% you. Unless you express what your needs are now and can put into words what you feel you might need down the road, the home, no matter how grand and luxurious, will fail the test of time. The more honest you are and the more you express your wants and needs, the more the finished product will feel like luxury and perfection to you.

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