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Bringing the Outdoors In with Style

Embracing Nature at Home

Though a tastefully-designed interior is appealing on its own, borrowing the beauty of the outdoors can make your home stunning. The ability to appreciate natural scenery alongside an attractive interior design creates an environment unlike any other, encompassing the best of both worlds.

The indoor and outdoor transition can seamlessly benefit any lifestyle. There’s nothing like waking up on a chilly day and brewing a warm cup of coffee. The rich aroma fills your kitchen, and the robust roast hits your tastebuds to wake your senses enough to walk out on your deck and embrace the mountain air in Jackson Hole, Okanagan, or Sun Valley.

True North BuildersScottsdale, AZ

Easily traverse the luxuries and comfort of your home as you relax into the enchanting environment that welcomes you with open arms. Increase the square footage of your home, adding valuable equity, ample space, and the ability to welcome nature..

Hosting lavish parties has never been easier or more enjoyable with this expansive open floor plan for guests. The room’s flow allows for ample entertainment and a plethora of views to ensure the action is never missed despite where you’re located.

de Reus ArchitectsHawai’i
T/LT 23 StudiosMultiple Market

Are you looking for something less luxurious and more lowkey? Enjoy a pool day to its full potential in Palm Beach, Scottsdale, or Hawaii as you navigate between the cool air-conditioned house for the novelties of the wet bar and back out again into the sun’s warm rays while you take a siesta.

AFT ConstructionScottsdale, AZ

Are you more of a homebody? If you find yourself tucked away for the evening enjoying a good book like many of our readers, we think you’ll love this! Walk from the comfort of your cozy couch and plush throw in seconds to the outdoor patio as the warmth envelopes you from the fire while the stars shine overhead. Savor a good book and the great outdoors all in one.

Well-made luxury homes in any region, find a location near you, are often designed as an extension of nature instead of working against it. Applying this mindset to your house will result in a home that’s a cut above the rest, perfect for you and your guests alike.

Lifetime Windows & DoorsBend, OR
Weather ShieldMultiple Market

A seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces will impress your guests and make your home the perfect place for upscale dinners, social gatherings, or even a relaxing night enjoying the scenery. From the clever use of natural light to jaw-dropping window or windowless views, your options to bring the outdoors into your home are limitless with the BUILD’s Design Partners.

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