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8 Factors That Make Up the Perfect Custom Home Location!

You have probably heard the phrase “Location, Location, Location” before, but do you know why location is so important? It is because the perfect, most luxurious home may not actually be what you wanted or be able to meet your wish list if it is not in the right place.

That’s why there are 8 factors you need to consider about location before you buy the land, let alone before your builder officially starts your home:


Every person has a different idea of what is beautiful to look at. Do you want scenic countryside, city skyline, some kind of water, maybe a cute neighborhood? Start with what you want to see every day and go from there.


This one may not apply to everyone, but it is a huge consideration if you are planning to start a family, already have one or are considering resale value. Acceptance to schools is often based on where you live, so keep this on mind.

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3. Property!

Do you like to garden? Do you want outdoor recreation, like a pool or gazebo? Do you want a shop or extra garage? Consider the size of your lot.

4.  Community!

Neighbors and local amenities are not a literal part of a home, but they are factors that need to be addressed. Take your lifestyle into account, what you like to do, and ask yourself “does this complement or hinder my lifestyle?”

5. Life!

Whether it’s work, healthcare or just getting around, what options does the location have? Mass transit, close proximity to shopping, easy access to various doctors and health providers are all considerations. Your work may also be a factor, and the shorter the commute the better!

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Some places have a great reputation, some have bad reputations, and some have reputations for things no one can control. The area might be known for music, it may be a huge dog community, it may have a history of flood or fire. Knowing the area’s history helps you make more informed decisions.


This is a very overlooked factor because top notch engineers and builders can build a home just about anywhere. If you are building on the side of a hill, near water, on solid bedrock, or on some other unique landform know that costs can increase quickly. Understanding what the foundation will be built on will help to determine the cost of your foundation.

8. Love at First Sight!

At the end of the day, if you love a location, the home is already on its way to success. With the right pros, the right planning, and the right location, a luxury home that fills your every want and need is possible. Find that place that you fall in love with, and then build your home there.

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