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EPISODE 84: Year in Review 2023 with Ted Bainbridge

Ted speaks with realtor Win Peniston about Build Magazine’s last year. 2023 was a year of growth, expansion, and learning. 

Today, Ted tackles his own background, his thoughts on the building industry, the economy, and the life lessons he’s learned while building a successful company. Join us for the first Year in Review as we look towards 2024.


  • [1:30] What was meant to be special for 2023 and did you achieve it?
  • [5:00] Where was your growth? Turning negatives into positives
  • [8:53] The challenges of building a company
  • [11:30] What was the most innovative things you saw this year?
  • [17:45] Innovation based on location
  • [26:50] Which markets does Build Magazine serve and what do growth plans look like?
  • [32:00] What’s on your mind? Economy, the next generation, etc.
  • [39:50] What’s your prognosis for the building industry in 2024?
  • [41:45] Wrap up



  • The technology in home building is always important and it’s also always important to think about the realities of the house over time as it relates to technology because so much is behind the walls that you almost have to really think about getting it right the first time. 
  • I think it’s an exciting time to be in business, but it’s also a very challenging time. But the challenge makes you, it keeps you engaged, it keeps you healthy, it keeps you functioning, it keeps your brain thinking.
  • It’s getting more people to understand that trades are a great way to live a life, to have a career. It is, especially, if you’re dealing at this tier of people. You’ll never know what a recession is, you’ll never have a bad time because those people, even in bad times, they’ve always got money and now they think that they can get better deals on real estate. And they’ve got the liquidity to be able to pull that off.


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