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Episode 66: Celebrating Life Through Design with Thomas Burger of Thomas Burger Design, Inc in Las Vegas

Today Ted speaks with Thomas Burger of Thomas Burger Design, Inc. in Las Vegas. A celebrated and renowned New York designer, Thomas now lives and works from Las Vegas, while continuing to work with clients across the globe. He strives to impact the human soul and human experience through his designs, and his clients include royalty, CEOs, American sports heroes, and celebrities.

Thomas started his business in 1987 in New York City. He talks to Ted about how it started, how it grew, and how it moved with him across the country. Thomas shares how the impact business has had on his identity has changed as he’s grown, and the ways in which he hopes to impact others with his business. Continuing to give keynote speeches across the world in addition to designing for his clients, Thomas shares the importance of work ethic in everything he does.

Listen in as Ted uncovers unexpected family stories, incredible past clients, and the true desires that Thomas hopes his work will accomplish.

Topics Discussed

  • [2:30] East Coast vs. West Coast mentality
  • [3:00] Moving to Las Vegas from New York City
  • [6: 10] Who is your clientele? 
  • [7:20] What is the Vegas market like?
  • [8:40] The Summit
  • [11:30] Working all over the world
  • [13:00] What’s going on in Vegas now?
  • [15:30] The effects of Judo on work
  • [16:30] The most disappointing quality in homes today
  • [19:00]  Marrying architecture and design
  • [26:10] How to keep your work fresh
  • [27:00] The story of Thomas’ grandfather
  • [31:00] The most fulfilling work Thomas has done
  • [34:50] The core principles he lives by
  • [38:10] What retirement taught Thomas
  • [44:45] What is the definition of success?

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • I think that’s something that Frank Lloyd Wright really had down. He created from the inside out as opposed to the outside in. And I think you have to be, you have to burn that candle at both ends at the same time. Because if you’re thinking about architecture without the end goal of the design, or you’re thinking about design without encompassing the architecture – you’re going to run into a mismatch in the center. And I see that constantly with almost every home.
  • I don’t teach them how to design, I teach them how to run a business. That’s the thing that I like to impart on the younger generation is what it takes to actually serve your clients and serve an industry and serve a community. And I think that that’s the thing that I think is the most important part to impart to to the new generation is actually how to serve.
  • Nothing’s easy. You know, in one of my lectures in how to succeed in design, I say it takes a lot of hard work to have an easy life. It’s very easy to have a difficult life. And I think that’s true with in any situation it’s. It takes a lot of work to discipline yourself. It takes a lot of work to be kind when someone is shouting out the exact opposite of what you believe in. And yet to still be kind, it takes discipline. We’re human.
Thomas Burger Design, Inc

Since the launch of his New York City firm in 1987, Mr. Burger has composed a broad spectrum portfolio of residential and commercial design around the globe. His client list includes Royalty, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Fortune 500 CEOs, Entertainment and Sports Celebrities and those who prefer anonymity. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada today, Burger’s Mission and Vision is to LISTEN, GUIDE, ENHANCE, and BRING TO LIGHT.