Dwayne Bergmann Interiors

Interior Design | Palm Beach, FL

Shape. Color. Texture. Do you want a designer to curate your space, or create your space? There’s a difference. He’s Dwayne Bergmann. Dwayne strives to know more than your taste but the psychology of your taste, what you like and why you like it. He learns what elevates you, so you can live in that place.

Dwayne and his team are sought out for how they balance contradictions. Subtle and dramatic. Sophisticated and simple. Luxe and livable. Their creations have made the Dwayne Bergmann name synonymous with design.

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Like abstract art, Dwayne does not replicate the external, but his work moves the lines inside of you. He will find what stirs you and he will design it with abandon. His undertones are clear: You can get what you want.

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