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A custom home is an opportunity to express one’s preferences, lifestyle and unique taste. Everyone has an individual flair for how they wish to live and celebrate life with family and friends. Ryan and Jesica Taylor, co-owners of Upland Development, make knowing their clients and expressing this the center of how they build custom homes. “Construction is about people. They want to enjoy what they have worked for, and it’s my responsibility to ensure that their dreams and expectations are realized,” says Ryan Taylor, the member of the team most often found at jobsites, versus Jesica who keeps a close eye on schedule, orders, coordination and budgets from the office.

“Building a home begins with a concept and ultimately ends in being a large investment,” Jesica adds. “It is our responsibility to put all the pieces together in the initial planning stages so the client can make informed decisions for building a dream home that embraces a family’s specific lifestyle needs now and into the future.

As the Taylors explain, timeless homes consider how the family will live in the home over time and how it will adapt to the family’s changing lifestyle as it matures and changes. Ryan emphasizes that it also includes building materials and finishes that won’t freeze the home in time, and the home needs to continue to highly perform mechanically and structurally. “A timeless home is not only more sustainable, but it continues to gain maximum value.”

Talking to the owners of the homes featured in the photos, they agree with Upland Development’s attention to budget, schedule, and quality, but always also comment on creativity and problem solving. One called Ryan her “sourcebook of creative ideas” and said that her favorite features in the home came about by sharing ideas with Ryan and he made it a reality.

In Utah, the climate allows for living outdoors all four seasons, and the views are one of the main reasons people build in the Wasatch Mountains. “Outdoor living is really basic to how people like to entertain and relax,” adds Jesica. “If they are going to fully enjoy the home, outdoor living has to especially be specific for clients.” Ryan usually gets very personally involved in building outdoor spaces.

Upland Development started building custom homes along the Wasatch front 15 years ago, and has grown primarily through repeat business and personal referrals. Now, Upland Development builds also throughout Park City, the Wasatch Back, and beyond. It’s Ryan Taylor’s hope that generations to come will enjoy living in Upland Development homes, and the homes will be recognized by their quality and durability.

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