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Guarantee your stone countertops will never etch or stain with TuffSkin, “The most specified stone sealer on the planet.”

With over 200,000 countertops protected, TuffSkin is the number one choice for stone protection. Invented to etch and stain proof marble, TuffSkin can elongate the lifespan of your countertops by providing a barrier between liquids that may damage it.

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OUR MARBLE IS NEW AGAIN! We had begun to search for our new countertops. Neither one of us wanted to incurr the cost and mess, but, we desperately wanted to be proud, again, of our kitchen. The slab we initially picked out was marble. Although beautiful, had become pitted and etched with everyday use and was unsightly. For this reason, we began using counter mats to prevent further damage. But, the mats simply covered our marble and they were ugly. Then, we were lucky to stumble onto TUFFSKIN! This process was a very smooth transaction. Appointments were set up for measuring, the actual process itself of installing TuffSkin went without a hitch. Communication was present throughout the whole process. There was never a mess. Our technician was extremely thorough and explained every step. Any surface was carefully covered, if there was even a chance it would be in the way. We are so pleased with our results! We can highly recommend Tuff Skin to preserve, protect and beautify your natural stone.
- Residential Customer '22
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