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Style Fixation Interiors

Okanagan, BC

Whether revitalizing an historic home or infusing a newer space with some needed character, Jocelyne Devonshire Johnson, of Style Fixation Interiors, specializes in the artful blending of eras. Jocelyne’s signature lies in her mix of contemporary aesthetics with timeless traditional design to create spaces that honour heritage, but also cater to the needs and desires of modern living.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, Jocelyne creates spaces that are both timeless and fresh. From reclaimed vintage pieces and heirlooms harmonizing with new material selections, to the contrast of ornate moldings with contemporary decor, the curation of old and new results in homes that radiate sophistication, charm and a unique blend of character. Every design choice shows a commitment to creating atmospheres that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also deeply meaningful; reflecting each client’s unique personality and style.

Style Fixation Interiors is classic design with a twist. Bold (never boring), the juxtaposition of old and new, and above all, beautiful and unique spaces that are completely livable.

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