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StruXure PNW

Welcome to your outdoor oasis. StruXure PNW allows you to bring to outdoors in. The automated louvered pergola system provides the perfect mix of sun and shade which allows you to utilize your space more than ever before. Enjoying your outdoor lifestyle has never been easier. The pergola systems are made from the highest quality materials and were created to withstand the harsh and relentless Pacific Northwestern climate. StruXure PNW is committed to creating dream outdoor spaces that allow our clients to take advantage of the beautiful PNW setting in a brand new way.

Choose to have your louvers open, or completely closed to block out the incessant rain. The system will automatically do either for you based on the weather, you don’t have to lift a finger. You can even create an inviting space by adding a heater to keep you warm on colder days, add speakers, lights, and a fan to build an atmosphere catered to entertaining. The options are endless. Let us help you create your sanctuary.


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