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Strong Roots Flooring

Okanagan, BC

Strong Roots Flooring Inc is your destination for sustainable, high-quality and custom flooring solutions. With a focus on sustainability, we carefully research and choose products that are truly eco-friendly and available at varying price ranges. Through our partnership with tree planting initiatives, we have already planted over 78,000 trees, contributing to a greener future. Our sanding division, staffed by Bona Certified Craftsmen, minimizes the replacement of existing hardwood, reducing wood waste and the need for new wood harvesting. 

Visit our beautiful showroom, designed for ease of selection in a calm and clutter-free space. Discover our in-house wood shop, showcasing our craftsmanship with custom stair treads, vents, nosings, inlay panels, beams and other wood products. Experience sustainability and quality at Strong Roots Flooring Inc.

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