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SR Woodworking

Seattle | Bellevue, WA

SR Woodworking: Where Contemporary Design Meets Functional Art.

As a furniture designer, I tend to blur the lines of mid-century and contemporary design. I love the clean minimal aesthetic that each style possesses. I strive to combine thoughtful minimalistic lines that are sleek, but bold. Throughout all my work, I create a similar movement which draws your eye around the piece – playfulness is a key component to my design style. Most of the movement comes from hand-drawn curves that keep these lines organic yet refined. My goal as a designer is to create functional art – to live and interact with functional sculptures that elevate your day.

At SR Woodworking you are part of the design process – whether it’s adding your custom fabric to a lounge chair from our designer collection, or working with designer, Stephen Rosini, on your one-of-a-kind sculptural entryway table. Anything you dream of, we can build together.


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