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It’s funny how something so simple—like screens that roll back and disappear—can make people so happy, but they do. Serving the beautiful Okanagan area, Phantom Screens provides retractable screens for doors, windows, glass walls and the ever-popular covered outdoor spaces.

There’s nothing like being able to leave your doors and patio spaces wide open to enjoy the fresh air without letting in the bugs—and Phantom’s retractable screens do exactly that. Let us help you create the perfect indoor-outdoor living space with our retractable insect, solar and climate control screens. While conventional screens tend to compromise the beauty of a home, block the views, diminish natural daylight and make routine cleaning difficult; Phantom’s retractable screens disappear completely out of sight when not in use and are a beautiful alternative to old-fashioned framed screens.

Phantom’s screens are custom made and professionally installed to fit a wide variety of openings giving you fresh air, shade from the sun, climate control, privacy and of course – keeping those pesky bugs out! You can choose from standard colours or wood grain options, or even have them custom colour matched to blend in perfectly with your home’s design. Phantom’s screen products can be mounted on existing structures, or even recessed from view so no one will even know they’re there until they’re needed.

Since Phantom Screens’ early beginnings in 1992, we have grown from a small local operation in Abbotsford, BC to a multi-national company. We have built an extensive network of authorized distributors throughout North America and are rapidly growing into other international locations. Our distribution partners continually demonstrate that it isn’t just about selling great retractable screens. It’s about unparalleled customer service, and that is the key component of Phantom Screens’ success!

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