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Perrone Construction

Sarasota, FL

Perrone Construction has an iconic forty-four year history of bespoke homes, exquisite craftsmanship with a mastery of precision, and a dedication to providing the very best for our clients. Through an in-depth understanding of the complexities and nuances of building in coastal locations and experience working with some of the most celebrated design teams in the world, Perrone Construction is known for crafting the finest luxury waterfront homes in southwest Florida.


Each custom home is built with exquisite attention to detail, utilizing only top of the line technology and materials selected for their unrivaled construction standards. From land procurement through to project completion and maintenance of the homes we build, we pride ourselves on providing a seamless experience for clients so that they can enjoy the process of bringing their vision to life.

A “Perrone home” has come to mean something in our community. It means a break from the ordinary. It means singularity. It means wanting more. It means exquisite form that meets desired function. It means the result of an unyielding drive for perfection.

In other words, Perrone Construction is unlike any other builder and a Perrone home is unlike any other home, both firmly grounded in the knowledge gained through lifetimes of delivering the highest-caliber luxury waterfront residences.


“It is actually hard to fully articulate the quality and character of the team at Perrone Construction. We have been in the area for almost 20 years, and I have worked with a lot of builders, both personally and professionally, and none come even close to Perrone. From a quality standpoint Perrone simply builds a house that is “head and shoulders” above other local builders. The care and pride that goes into the home is truly amazing. No detail is overlooked, and it is abundantly clear that they think of home building as a craft and an art.” – Will S., Client




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