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whitefish, Montana

Montana Heritage Home Builders, Inc., an award-winning family-owned and operated luxury Design/Build Company, started over twenty years ago. Montana Heritage Home Builders, MHHB, does not just build homes. We take your dreams and turn them into reality. MHHB offers cutting edge, ultra-efficient, and state of the art design, whether you want contemporary or classic, on every home. Advanced levels of energy savings, comfort, health, durability, quality, and future performance provide value that will stand the test of time.

Montana Heritage Home Builders, Inc. begins with solid building science and then adds advanced technologies and practices. These practices are unparalleled in today’s marketplace. MHHB offers high-performance homes. MHHB homes are designed and built for you to enjoy a healthful environment that minimizes dangerous pollutants, provides continuous fresh air, and effectively filters the air you breathe. MHHB homes are so ultra-efficient that a small solar electric system can easily offset most, or all, of your annual energy consumption.

Great builder. Honest, on time, and on budget. Allen is one of the most honest people my wife and I have ever dealt with. During the building process, Allen had his subcontractors make sure the work was done correctly. He watched what was going on and coordinated with our bank to create a seamless building experience. In a couple of cases, Allen had his subs do work over even though the issues were cosmetic in nature. Last summer, we had Allen do some additional work for us. Allen is a real Montanan, not a transient fly by night operator. He will be in Montana to take care of you. Allen knows that we would be happy to speak directly with any prospective clients. We get nothing for this reference, good work is our reward.
Ron and Gail

Montana Heritage Home Builders, Inc. offers high-performance homes. With advanced construction practices and technologies, MHHB homes are quality built. With our cutting edge, emerging technology, and green building, we are reducing the impact on the environment and lessening our carbon footprint.

Living better is not just about views and neighbors; it is first and foremost about your own home and the complete peace of mind it should give you, starting with the moment you choose your builder. We at Montana Heritage Home Builders, Inc. believe that quality projects are not created accidentally but are the result of careful orchestration of all elements – materials, skills, and experience.

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