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GlenHaven Legacy

Seattle | Bellevue, WA

GlenHaven Legacy offers the highest quality timber frame entertainment pavilions in the Puget Sound area. At GlenHaven Legacy, modern architectural design is joined with old-world timber framing technique to produce a truly beautiful and unique heirloom for discerning families.

GlenHaven Legacy is a partnership between brothers Mark and Scott Olson. Mark is a timber framer, an engineer and an artist. Scott is a retired FBI agent, an entrepreneur and an outdoorsman. They have deep ties to Seattle which began in 1934 when their grandfather bought acreage from the Puget Mill Company on the shores of Lake Washington in what is now North Seattle. Their family has lived on this land continuously since the initial purchase and the brothers grew up there. Their Grandmother called the land GlenHaven and the brothers honor her legacy through the company and the unique timber frames they build.

GlenHaven Legacy builds gazebo-size timber frame entertainment pavilions and is proud to offer the absolute best available in modern entertainment structures. GlenHaven Legacy uses the most unique and expensive features possible in timber frame construction. This means the joinery is complex, and the assembly is difficult. It takes time and skill and effort. But it’s beautiful.

Recent customers said: “It looks fantastic and is everything we hoped it would be!” and “It looks really cool and there’s an art to what they’re doing!”


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