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Forest Cooperage

Okanagan, BC

Since 1998, our passion has been crafting premium cedar hot tubs using select, Western Red Cedar. Nestled in the rugged and serene town of Sooke, British Columbia, we draw inspiration from the surrounding forests, craggy coastline and pristine waters. Our dedication to artisanal quality has expanded to include an exquisite range of wellness amenities: barrel saunas, Japanese-inspired soaker tubs and eco-friendly water cisterns, each designed to harmonize with nature.

Feel like cooling off from that Okanagan heat? Our soaker tubs pair perfectly with a chiller to create an aesthetic and functional cold plunge; paired with our sauna, it’s an unbeatable wellness experience. Our global clientele often shares a common sentiment: our products are not just additions to their homes, but the heart of their relaxation and connection to the outdoors. This feedback fuels our commitment to handcrafting each piece with care and precision.

The natural warmth, timeless elegance and tranquility offered by our hot tubs, saunas and soaker tubs provide an unmatched outdoor wellness experience.

We invite you to bring a touch of Sooke’s natural splendor into your home. Our creations are more than just amenities; they are gateways to rejuvenating your body and spirit, right in your backyard. Experience the luxury of nature with us.


“At Forest Cooperage, our mission is to make beautiful products and deliver exceptional service. Give us a call and start the journey as you complete the vision for your new dream home!” – Lorne Atherton