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Dancing Scot Forge

Okanagan, BC

Blacksmithing is a craft thousands of years old. The word alone conjures images of a dark room lit only by the glow of a forge, the whisper sound of the bellows feeding the coals and the ring of the hammer blows shaping the now soft metal. The modern forge differs only with newer machines to help the smith transform metals into the smith’s vision.

The traditional blacksmith shop is a rare thing to find. Welding and machine shops have replaced the blacksmith with modern tools. A blacksmith can create those same items as a welder, yet a welder will struggle creating the plastic forms in metal that only heat and hammer can accomplish.

The modern blacksmith shop is geared towards artistic/architectural metal for interior and exterior design. At Dancing Scot Forge we create everything from gates, fences, railings, lighting, hinges, door handles, privacy screens, specialized tools and purely sculptural designs. Our creations are made utilizing tools and techniques both modern and ancient to build unique items not easily found in a store.

Patrick honed his craft studying for two years in Europe with master blacksmiths in countries including Turkey, Italy, Austria, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Finland.


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