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Our mission is to create sustainable and natural aquatic environments. With over 15 years of experience Clearwater Restoration can construct highly complex ponds, streams and river restoration projects that blend with their natural environment.

These guys excel at creating natural stream that looks and functions like a stream that’s always been there. The level of detail they go through to make sure it functions perfectly for the fish is amazing.
~ Three Creeks Homeowner

Design Element:

Clearwater Restoration specializes in using water as a design element. This allows great latitude for homeowners and designers, to seamlessly transition from the built environment to a natural one. From historic looking “springs pools” flowing water into a pond near outdoor living spaces, to restored fishing opportunities on degraded ranchland rivers, we can bring aquatic environments closer to you.

Fishing Experience:

We build a fishing experience at your doorstep. Diversify your fishing opportunities by creating a 15-minute fishing trip in your backyard, or restore the entire ecosystem of a river. If you’ve wondered if the fishing is good or want to sneak out for an hour to fish the perfect time of day, we can create the opportunity without hiring a guide, hauling a boat or even wadering-up.


Our ability to develop new waters for fishing is rooted in our experience with stream restoration. Most of our work is restoring degraded habitats in streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and wetlands. Our background in fisheries habitat allows us to repair damage and refocus toward recreation and trout fisheries.

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