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Celtic Elevator exclusively installs and customizes residential home elevators. We are the best at what we do – from project management, to installation. We are a service-based company with excellent warranties and service plans.

Very rarely does a major appliance become the focal point of a home – Celtic Elevators changes that offering the top brands on the market, we provide an exhaustive variety of services– installation, maintenance, repairs, modernization and routine safety checks.

“Home elevators make life easier, safer and more convenient,” says Shaun Leary, owner of Celtic Elevator. “A home elevator can lift heavy items, pets, children, laundry, and help elderly or disabled homeowners up to multiple levels.”

Utilizing high-end technology like touchscreen control panels, automatic sliding doors, and remote access for safety purposes. Homeowners can completely customize the cab’s interior to fit the style of their home.

A home elevator adds value to the home. “Having an elevator allows homeowners to easily access second, third and even fourth stories, providing more living space on the same size lot,” Leary says. “It can also increase the sale price of the home and length of time a homeowner can live there – safely.” Whether the ultimate goal is convenience or value, a home elevator adds luxury to your lifestyle.

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