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The Cactus story dates back almost 50 years. Our experiences have taught us valuable lessons, including how to best serve our clients. We are recognized nationwide for our beautiful showrooms, our high-quality porcelain tiles, and our magnificent stone slab collection, second to none. Two of our most exciting & dynamic new programs are the Alex Turco artistic panels and the Vaselli Marmi stone creations.

Vaselli Marmi, The Italian Stone Tailor

Natural Stone is as important to Vaselli Marmi as fine fabric is to the tailor. Each tailored suit owes its success to the choice of the model, the materials and to the structure that defines its lines and volumes. This is the Vaselli modus-operandi. Custom “tailor-made” projects utilizing the earth’s most enduring art form – natural stone, are as unique as the individual designers who imagine them.

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