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Board & Vellum

Seattle | Bellevue, Washington

Board & Vellum is built on the idea that every project is unique and personal. We offer architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture services in-house, enabling us to compose a deeply collaborative, multidisciplinary team specifically suited to your project.

With a collaborative and adaptable approach, we believe design should ego-free, and that the design process should be an enjoyable experience. We are passionate about working closely with our clients to deliver beautiful homes that simply feel “right” — a holistic reflection of the people who live there.

With decades of combined experience designing custom properties, the Board & Vellum team is not bound to a particular design style — we love a crisp modern finish as much as an ornate historic detail. Whether you prefer an aesthetic that adheres to a particular design movement, or you seek a balanced hybrid, we delight in finding the style that feels like home to you.

Beyond aesthetics, much of what makes a home livable is hidden from view. We carefully consider the unseen, ensuring your home’s materials and systems come together to provide a safe, sustainable, healthy, and comfortable environment that will protect both you and your investment.

The pairing of our deep technical knowledge of building systems and sustainable practices, with our passion for creating spaces that not only delight, but feel unique to you, sets Board & Vellum apart. We love designing spaces you not only feel good about calling your own, but that quite simply feel good to live in.

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