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Today’s Home Office – A Growing Necessity In Home Design

The Home Office Trend Continues

The trend for working at home has grown immensely, with most US companies allowing employees to work part of the week remotely. During the pandemic, over 55 million Americans were working from home, dropping to over 22 million people this Summer as Americans return to work. Given this ongoing trend, setting up a home office in a busy kitchen or cluttered bedroom no longer suffices. Builders, Renovators and Architects include home offices in their design – a specialized room retrofitted for conducting business, sometimes with a private entrance or small conference room.

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The growing necessity to have a dedicated home office with a door for privacy and focus – free of distractions is paramount. Developing the workspace design for productivity and the essential technical configurations for digital era advancements is equally crucial.

The first step is establishing a budget for furniture, equipment, and tech services required for conducting business. Check with your employer first. They may help assist in offsetting expenses, especially for up-to-date technology.

The home office is a highly functional space – essential to your job responsibilities. Depending on your profession, having access to resources, including hardware, desk, cabinets, a small conference table, and electrical needs for tech equipment, need detailed plans for a seamless workflow. Incorporate a vision board with a strategic road map of department and company goals.

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A window, especially a serene view, provides indirect light and can energize and reduce stress. Imagine looking at the mountain tops of Big Sky, Okanagan Valley, or the palm trees in Hawaii. The benefit of having a home office also allows the homeowner to express their individuality. Select decor that motivates and stimulates creativity. Choose a paint color that inspires productiveness. What about a coffee station, water dispenser and beverage fridge?

While you’re laying out the workspace, consider the office centerpiece – the work desk. Today, there are numerous choices on the market. Consider a custom built-in desk, depending on your profession, or mobile furniture for a more creative approach. Determine the options that best meet your daily tasks – possibly an adjustable stand-up desk, as research supports the health benefits of more mobility throughout the day.

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