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The Bathroom: A Design Challenge

The Bathroom: A Design Challenge

There is no such thing as an easy room in a house to design, but there are many that would argue that there is a hardest one: the bathroom. The reason behind it stems from the massive variations in size and layout, on top of the fact that it has the potential to have dozens of different materials in the same space. It’s for these and a number of other reasons that there is no “one size fits all” solution to the perfect standard bathroom, let alone a master bathroom. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to simplify your bathroom design process. Here are 4 we have gathered from research and various conversations with architects and other home pros:

1. Remember that a bathroom is your personal space.

A bathroom is a place where you want to be relaxed and comfortable, so make sure, more than anything, that whatever work you start or do is to make it a place you want to be in. So before anything else on this list, remember that your privacy and sense of comfort comes before design and color and luxury.

2. Figure out the space you have to work with.

Everything, from the style of your home to how old it is, plays a part in how much space you have for a bathroom. If it’s a new build or a full-gut renovation, you can create your ideal space, but in most cases, you’re going to have to play with the existing footprint. Whether that’s a long and narrow hall or a big box doesn’t matter; what does matter is knowing where the plumbing is and how much space you really have at your disposal.

3. Pick your color and style scheme.

As stated, bathrooms are full of an incredible number of fixtures and furnishings – the most in any one space in your house besides the kitchen. Sinks, cabinets, mirrors, shower basins, tubs, flooring, backsplash, tile … the list goes on with things that can have their own material lists and finishes. Picking a color and style scheme will help make sure everything compliments; choose between warm or soft or mid tones, choose one primary material (stainless, wood, stone, etc.), and keep dark colors towards the floor and get lighter as your eyes move higher.

4. Focus your spend on your experience.

In the same way you want the bathroom to be about comfort and privacy, you also want it to be a place you want to be. In other words, it needs to be somewhere that you enjoy spending time and that you really can relax in. Put your money and effort into making the things you use quality; cabinets can look expensive, but a 3’x3′ shower will never feel like a spa. Also, keep in mind that if it’s a master bath, it might be the only real place of solitude you have, so maybe include some luxury seating and spa-like features to make it a place you don’t mind disappearing to.


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