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Graceful Oceanside Estate by Newbury North Associates (Naples, FL)



Newbury North Associates showcases their 30+ years of exceptional, meticulously detailed construction in this grand Naples, FL estate. Built to reflect a blended Caribbean-Georgian style of architecture, it is replete with stunning features that skillfully set the stage for its oceanside views. Cast-in-place architectural profiles, cornices, and columns are all artistically aged by hand. An Arcus finish simulates Barbados stone while reducing maintenance and improving longevity.

A knife-edge pool parallels the shoreline, then flows beneath an arched stone bridge and under a vaulted ceiling space for swimming laps out of the sun. Rolling screens can completely enclose the lower-level pavilions for mosquito-free evenings, and the turquoise shutters protect against storms.

Behind the scenes, unobtrusively keeping this sophisticated manor fine-tuned, is an environmentally-friendly geothermal system that provides the heating and cooling of the home, the pool, and the trio of sequential generators. At the same time, rooftop solar panels offset the electrical outlays. The formal aesthetic of this striking home, while both statuesque and polished, also radiates a feeling of repose, an invitation to be at ease.

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