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Fine Art As Inspiration in Interior Design

Have you ever considered using a work of fine art or an art collection as the starting point and inspiration for your interior design? Incorporating fine art into your home is one of the most effective ways to elevate everyday life. Fine art adds color, texture, and individuality and brings a home to life.

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When we showcase a piece of art in our homes, it has the intrinsic ability to speak on our behalf. It helps define our personalities, creative side and giving others a peek into our inner lives. Using art as inspiration for design can transform a space and infuse it with character.

Visual art is one of the earliest forms of human expression, and making art feels good to the artist – it creates blood flow to the brain’s reward center and lowers cortisol levels.

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Art automatically creates a focal point in a room. Fine art has customarily been chosen after the fact to match décor, still a fantastic way to decorate and fuse a space. Today, however, some interior designers are reversing this design principle, utilizing their clients’ taste in art or their previously procured art collection as the primary inspiration for the interior spaces.

Utilizing your taste in art as the initial inspiration for your home creates a new dynamic. Consider visiting various art galleries in your area with your Interior Designer – allowing your personality and imagination to step forward. Your art choices will help set the pace on themes, accompanying furniture, lighting and flooring. Now, the interior designer will take cues from you as to your preferences from the many galleries in Santa Fe that display a range of styles.

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Gallery owners are excellent resource guides for learning about the artist and what they were trying to convey. While walking through a gallery, you can ask yourself these questions. What colors and hues move me? What subject matter brings joy to my life? How many pieces are needed to display in our home? Take a small notebook to jot down your thoughts and ideas and brainstorm with your interior designer.

Whatever you purchase will be unique. Incorporating art into your home is one of the most effective ways to elevate everyday life. Art adds color and texture and whatever you opt for – bronze sculpture or wall art – will bring the space together. The backbone of interior design is to create harmony, inspiration, and ambiance.

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